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Pagan Gods/Dark Angel - Prologue & Ch. 1

Title: Dark Angel/SPN Pagan Gods - Prologue and Chapter 1
Author: ZanneS
Fandoms: Dark Angel/Supernatural (Pagan Gods 'verse)
Ratings: PG (themes) 
Warnings: While these parts contains no Wincest, this entire 'verse is based upon the conceit that Sam and Dean are the paired gods of Spring, meaning they are "together".
Summary: Sam and Dean may be out for the count, but they are still influencing the things around them.
Disclaimer: Kripke owns Supernatural and Cameron owns Dark Angel. I own nothing, and make no money from this.
Author's Notes: (Please see full notes in link) Chapter 1 borrows dialogue and actions from "Pollo Loco" and "Hello, Goodbye" in order to set up backstory. This is Dark Angel entwined with my Pagan Gods 'verse, where Sam and Dean unwittingly stepped into the roles of gods of Spring by killing the gods of Winter in "A Supernatural Christmas". The entire series begins here, though this is the beginning of the Dark Angel arc.

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