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Sojourn 3/?, R, Dean, Sam, Alec et al., Xover, spoilers: all

Title: Sojourn 3/?
Series: Tales of the Winchester Clan
Rating: R
Warning: Crossover, Dark Angel (AU), confusion, body swapping, sex, drug use, craziness, batman!moves, character death, au, retroactive continuity and lots of other insane stuff. but no zombies.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Dark Angel, both belong to their respective owners. All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.
Summary: Sam and Dean are trying to keep their extended family under the radar and off the map.  But infighting between the transgenics and demonborne is threatening to rip the Clan apart from the inside...and who knows who is behind it.

Comments are love.

Chapter 3
Tags: fanfiction

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